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Bovis Unit readings

These psychic readings use a person's intuition, a pendulum, or some other device/technique in order to sense the level of Spiritual Frequency that the indicated object, idea, place, connection, or person is embodying. It can be done on an overall level or used to gauge the frequency of specific aspects of the subject.

For example, a person has multiple Chakras and each one of them may be vibrating at a different rate, though the overall rate usually has to do with the frequency of their highest chakra, since the vibration of the highest chakra on the list will determine where their vibration is capped at.

This measures spiritual frequency, rather than spiritual power. The difference is like the light spectrum, higher frequency colors are blue, indigo, violet, ultraviolet, and so on while lower frequency colors are yellow, orange, red, infrared, and so on. Each of those colors has an Intensity, producing a scale that runs on two axes. For example you could have a very powerful red laser that can cut through things, or a very weak blue-ray laser that simply reads dvds - the red laser has more power but the blue-ray is at a higher frequency.

It is a difference between quantity verses quality. Higher quality energies, in a person, or a thing will represent higher minded ideals, creativity, and unconditional love. While higher intensity of energies will just give more and more of the same.

The Bovis Unit (bu) scale was developed by a metaphysicist named Anton Bovis back in the early 20th century. It is an Intuitive science, so the subconscious mind and spirit are responsible for the sensing and output. A radial scale is typically used, to return a result, just as a set of tarot cards or another divination tool is used to provide results. The levels of frequency typically inscribed on a traditional bovis scale are useful for fine-measurement of lower frequencies, but not the higher frequencies associated with the New Age and many of the people who would be reading this. For this 2 or 3 scales should probably be used, one measuring in marks of 10,000 (10k) each, and another measuring marks of 200,000 (200k) each.

Frequency Levels, their Dimensionality (13D scale), and possible names or effects typically associated or expected with them:

3D energies:
Below 0 - Anything set at 0 or less is a very negative and unwholesome (hellish) energy, associated with greed, hate, domination, or wanton destruction. Any kind of black magick also fits in this category (and is usually -100K or lower). Because of our human nature as living beings, few people can reside at this state for long before it takes a physical toll upon them, and by default their energy will set to 0. These people may or may not keep their word, and are more likely to betray or attack others (physically, socially, or financially). They generally cant be trusted, and can cause problems by simply being around or in association with them.

0 bu to 8000bu - Similar to the above energies but on a much quieter note. Can indicate someone who is generally unhappy, sick, or interested/following a topic or another person who is vibrating at this level. More commonly it has to do with a strong focus on the physical world though (materialism), such as capitalism, superficial appearances, or destructive or "rude and crude" lifestyles.

8000bu to 14000bu - The vibration of the majority of the people alive to day. Generally it is a neutral energy, and there isn't necessarily anything wrong with it except that it is a product of making decisions primarily from the Mind.

The thing to keep in mind is, while most people do mean well, under the right circumstances they can be made to do horrible things, as history has shown. It takes a balance of mind and heart, to live up to higher ideals, for until these things change, the "basic human nature" will stay the same and always swing to the negative in times of distress, need, or controversy.

Higher Energies:
14k to 20k bovis (4D*) - Basically the same as the previous category except the person is learning and embodying more unconditional love, and it factors into most of their decisions. This is a 4th dimensional energy, one of the Heart chakra. The reason I indicated it with a star though, is because most of the time a 4d person will reside at a 3d level because of their surroundings and relationships, while the 20-30k bovis range is usually for a person at the 5d level who is not feeling good, could be depressed, or experiencing some kind of hardship.

50,000 bovis (5D) - Indigo children or Adult Indigo.The key trait all Indigo and 5d persons share is an inherent sense of Personal Integrity and an almost innate sense of right and wrong. This is what causes most of the symptoms associated with Indigo children and adults, because they come into life designed to live in a high vibrating and enlightened society, and because this forms what is Right and True for them (their Personal Integrity) they will follow that to the letter even if it causes problems with other people because of the rules or established order.

These people should avoid following the lifestyle choices other people prescribe for them and rely on their Own Feelings and Desires, for their career and life path, because they are here on a mission and will probably be miserable or left with feelings of unfulfillment if they choose things that aren't inline with their personal destiny. If they don't, they may turn to drugs, alcohol, and other forms of escape mechanisms to cope with the disjunction between the life they Know they should be living, and the life they Are living.

90,000 bovis - This frequency specifically is typically found with someone or something that has an attachment to the deceased. This is because beautiful energies of the afterlife are flowing from the departed to the person in question. While it can feel enchanting, and is a higher vibrating energy, it can also keep a person from moving on. More frequently the 90k bovis unit figure shows up as a partial connection, rather than the overall vibration, because of the kind of connection the person had to the deceased.

100-145k, usually 130,000 bu (6D) - Crystal children and Adult Crystals. The crystal energy is like the Indigo and can often be outwardly expressed that way, but for most Crystal children and adults it is a happy and creative energy of inner peace. Think of the energy of a child, when they are doodling or coloring with crayons, enjoying themselves as if the rest of the world did not exist - except that a crystal child resides there at all hours of the day and rises even higher when they feel especially well.

165-250k, usually 200,000 bu (7D) - Rainbow children and adults embody the full energies of the entire 7D chakra system and as such are at peace, embody high minded spiritual ideals, have a strong sense of right and wrong and personal integrity, the ability to love unconditionally, as well as all of the other things we come to expect from physical living. Rainbows are the ideal citizens of the New Age societies that we will see in the  decades following 2012.

450-800k, usually 600,000 bu (8D) - The Golden frequency (as in, golden child) is strongly associated with Ascension and changing the rest of the world to match the highest aspects that the person Knows the world could live up to. Like an Indigo they tend to be very outspoken, and do things they know are right even if they might face consequences because of it, but they have a kind of zeal about them that just wont let them sit still... and they tend to dream big.

Examples of famous people who embody the 8D energies are Barak Obama, Al Gore, and Joel Osteen and it shows in their work.

1,000,000 to 2,000,000 bu (8.5D) - The energies of the span between 8th dimensional and 9th dimensional are transitional ascension energies, which don't quite fit into the perfection template of the 9D but also reside much higher than the energies aligned with the 8D stage. These energies are always about divine blueprints, ideal templates, and purification. Anyone or anything vibrating at this level undoubtedly has reached a master-like level, has big plans for the world, or is content to pretty much disappear from the world on their personal quest of enlightenment.

To resonate at this level you also need a pretty sizeable amount of metaphysical understanding, especially of ascension, otherwise these energies might be present but the person will actually vibrate much lower as they will be tied up with lower level concepts.

The swastika, when drawn correctly, has a vibration of 1 million bovis because the outer spokes coming inward symbolize the coming together of errant elements to create Oneness. It symbolizes harmony and peace, and has its origins in ancient Lemuria, and was handed down to the native americans and southeast asia, where it was incorporated into eastern mysticism. It was only recently, that the nazi regime used the symbol to spread fear, and if that aspect of the swastika is ignored when it is created or "used" it will still resonate with the high energies it naturally has. Do not draw it backwards, or it will radiate the same energy we have come to associate with it.

The correct way to draw it starts with a U shape in the upper left corner, with a ∩ shape on the lower right corner. I hope it displays correctly here (卐).

5,000,000+ bu (9D) - The 9D energies represent the power of the transmuting Violet Flame as well as the energies of the Ideal Divine Template. This is where most of the world and the people in it will resonate in the centuries to come, it is the energy of the great cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria in the time where they existed as pure societies untouched by corruption.

25 to 50 million bu (10D) - The 10D energies are one of godly love, not just unconditional love but the true love of oneness and true understanding of the connection between all beings, and the beauty of the dichotomy between the spectrum of the positive and negative (as it is only through the negative, that the positive may be seen and understood for it's glory). Typically this energy is also known as a form of White Light too.

These energies as well as any above them are so far above the scope of physical existence they aren't worth mentioning, because you wont find them. But generally the 10D energies, unlike the 9D, are an energy of acceptance ("I accept you as you are") rather than transformation.

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